There are many different forms of counselling from ‘person centered’ ‘cognitive analytic or behavioral therapy’, ‘mindfulness’ to ‘integrated therapy’. The all come under the heading of talking therapies.

The method of counselling chosen should depend on you. Counselling can depend very much on your personality and your ability to talk or listen. Some people just want a shoulder to cry on, and somebody to listen to their problems. Others really need advice or help with making decisions. Still others may need another way to look at situations, perhaps giving you a different way forward than the one you had envisaged.

Sometimes when circumstances cannot be changed, a better understanding of how to deal with them can help. Accepting things you cannot change is always difficult, but if you change the way you look at life, maybe life can become more comfortable.

You need to find a counsellor who you feel empathy with, who you feel is sympathetic to your needs, and whom you feel has your best interests in mind. Someone who will encourage you to make sense of the situation you find yourself in, and find ways to make changes.

Always think about what you would like to achieve before getting in touch with a counsellor. You can always change your goals as time goes on, or perhaps in the light of new information.

With this in mind I like to provide a 20 minute phone call to decide on the way forward, if together we can make a difference

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