Do I need a Life Coach?

Do you need a Life Coach?


What do you want from your life?? Have you ever even thought about it? Do we really know what we want?

Are we willing to work to achieve it? (We may have to work really hard!!)

Are we even being realistic about what we can achieve? These are the big questions. You have to take time to think about them.

No point in climbing the wrong ladder!! Or even the right ladder, against the wrong wall. (the late great Stephen Covey)

I’m never going to be a supermodel or a brain surgeon. (Have we really understood this??)

Do you know YOUR limitations? Are your expectations too high?

Or do we just expect achievements to be handed over on a plate?? (Nothing is ever THAT easy!!)

Just some of the questions we need to ask ourselves!!

Have you done all you can, with a relationship, a job, and a way of life?? Do you need a new direction? A new challenge?? (Are you too scared?)

Do you need more confidence?? Do you feel you need a new hobby? To make some new friends?? All big questions, all taking a lot of thought!!

So to conclude, how does this put me in a unique position to help you? Well, I am totally calm under pressure. Whether you are getting married… Scared to fly…………. Or need to identify and change areas of your life I can help.

We are in the twenty-first century! Are we ready to take it on? Do we really understand how things have moved on? Well, don’t just settle for second best. You know that you can achieve more. It’s all common sense, but not common practice.

If you would like to get started on your journey, please give me a call on 07967 808 250

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