Gastric band – is it for you?

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy.

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Is it the right procedure for you?

Is Gastric Band Hypnotherapy procedure the right procedure for you?

I am sure that by now, you will have read about both the Gastric band operation, and the Hypnotherapy equivalent in the press. Both procedures have helped many people. So, which do you choose?
There are many considerations for you to take into account when considering a Gastric Band hypnotherapy procedure.

Have you tried dieting before, but without success? Have you tried to exercise but felt bloated, unhealthy and out of breath? Have you felt very unhappy with your appearance? Have you not had the results you were hoping for?

Nearly everybody has body issues. Some people wish they were taller or shorter. Most people don’t like some part of their body,they don’t like their feet, hands, noses or other body parts. Or maybe you hate all of your body. Think about why you feel drawn to the gastric band hypnotherapy procedure. It can help to make you slimmer and fitter. But it cannot solve all your problems.

If the reasons you want to have the procedure are emotional, then you might want to have a few Hypnotherapy/life coaching sessions first. For example, if you are eating for comfort, if you have been feeling lonely, or you have been eating to make yourself unattractive. It could be one of many other reasons why you may have be using food, other than to nourish your body.

Maybe you have other issues and problems that need to be resolved. Those reasons won’t go away if you have a gastric band hypnotherapy procedure. Think about addressing these problems first. It could be that you find you will lose weight naturally if you confront your other issues. The hypno-gastric band will not solve all of your non-food related problems, and could make things worse. There have been instances of people liquidising chocolate after an actual gastric band operation. This is clearly someone in distress.

When you have done your research on Gastric Band Hypnotherapy procedure, and had a chat with your chosen practioner, you will find that the advantages of a Gastric Band Hypnotherapy procedure, compared with a Gastric Band operation are easy to see.

The most obvious advantage is that there is no actual surgery. There are no scars, no pain, and no recovery time to factor into your life. You can continue with your chosen exercise program. (usually twenty minutes walking per day to start with. This is what you would be asked to complete if you were having the actual Operation. The procedure preparation is exactly the same.) You can continue to tone up throughout the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy treatment. No waiting for scars to heal and pain to subside.

Then there is the cost. A real Gastric Band Operation can cost as much as £5,000. Gastric band Hypnotherapy Procedure could be £500 or less. It pays to talk to one or two therapists about their individual approach to the procedure. It is always a good idea to get on well with your therapist. Empathy with your therapist is always a good thing. Finally make sure your therapist is affiliated to a professional body. Remember, you need to be determined to make this work for you, and then you can look forward to a slimmer, fitter, healthier you!

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