Are you are looking for an alternative solution for losing a lot of weight?
Do you have 25lb or more to lose?


Have you tried every diet in the book? Twice?


Have you consided a gastric band operation?
Are you put off by invasive surgery?
The level of risk involved in a major operation
Possible pain, considerable scarring, potential deep vein thrombosis, and the possibility of infections?
Have you taken the cost into consideration?
Cost’s can be considerable, (up to £5000) and the recovery time has to be factored in.


Are you really committed to losing weight and improving your life?


Then maybe Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is for you.
Gastric band hypnotherapy uses hypnosis and visualisation to powerfully suggest to you that you have had a gastric band operation.


You will find that your stomach feels much smaller and you will only be able to eat small nourishing meals.
You will find that you want to eat freshly prepared food.
You will find that you want to exercise.
Did you know that walking is one of the best ways to tone up without injury?
You will find that you have much more energy.


As a qualified Life Coach, I am in a unique position to help you uncover any emotional problems that maybe holding you back.
Together, we can find out why you over eat.
We can put strategies in place to help you achieve your goals.
If you are prepared to work hard, you can achieve, a healthy, toned body,
Together, we can change your eating habits forever.
The Course of treatment is 5 x 1 hour-long sessions. The cost of the full
treatment is £400 Payable at the first session.


1) Find out what is holding you back, what habits you have fallen into? How can we change them? It is very important that we do this preparation to fit in with your life and commitments.

2] Visualisation, how would you like to look?

3] Preparation for your Gastric band operation.

4] Gastric band operation.

5] Gastric band Adjustment, resetting goals affirmation of suggestion’s


Free love to exercise programme on completion of the course

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy may not be for everyone. Please call for a
free chat on 07967 808 250 or 01189 416 984. I would be happy to answer all your
questions and queries and explore the potential to change your life.