My name is Julia Birtwistle. Dip Hyp BIH

I am a fully qualified clinical Hypnotherapist, Life coach and Advanced Counsellor. I am a member of the British Institute and therefore bound by an ethical code of conduct and confidentiality.

I am a fully qualified Life Coach, completing my training at the Oxford Collage of Life Coaching.

I work from home in a private and comfortable room in the Calcot area of Reading,
which is very accessible from Junction 12 of the M4.

I have had many years of experience dealing with clients, and pride myself on giving a committed and professional service.
I like to think you will feel calm and comfortable in my company, and therefore benefit from effective problem solving in a warm environment.

How to choose a therapy? Hypnotherapy can often satisfy your requirements on it’s own. Things that are habit forming can often be resolved with one or two treatments.

Cognitive counselling can certainly pin point where the problem may lie. Often a combination of both is a very potent recipe for change.

I have a high rate of success, helping people achieve the best. We all want to be the best we can be in life. Any changes for the better require, time, effort and commitment on your part. But with HYPNOTHERAPY, LIFE COACHING, OR A COMBINATION OF BOTH, maybe it will be easier than you think to achieve your dreams!!

I offer a FREE Consultation over the phone so that you can arrive with some idea’s about what you would like to achieve and how it may be possible. 07967 808 250 or 01189 416 984