Baby, Baby Girl, Sleeping Baby

First of all congratulations! A new baby is a wonderful time in a woman’s life, good preparation cannot be emphasised enough!!

Hypno-birthing is a technique that can be learned. Instead of tensing all of your muscles as soon as labour starts, you learn to relax into each contraction making it easier for baby to make progress. This of course means the need for drugs is minimised.

 We all know that giving birth can be a very scary time. Leaning to relax and look forward to your new baby is such a joy. A relaxed new mum also means much more chance of a relaxed new baby!

 I aim to teach you to relax into birth by helping to minimise the pain.

 In a four session course to suit you and your partner.  There is one optional  session for both of you. You will learn to

 We will cover the many birth options open to you and decide on a birthing plan.

 Please feel free to call and have an informal chat to answer any questions you may have.

 Julia Helped me relax during the birth by teaching me self-hypnosis. I also found it helped and made me less frightened in the weeks running up to the birth. I felt in control all the time and my husband and I were able to enjoy the birth of our beautiful baby daughter.

Mrs Samantha Bell.