Baby, Baby Girl, Sleeping Baby


First of all congratulations! A new baby is a wonderful time in a woman’s life, but good preparation cannot be emphasized enough!!

We all know that giving birth can be a very scary time. Leaning to relax and look forward to your new baby is such a joy. A relaxed new mum also means much more chance of a relaxed new baby!

I aim to teach you to relax into birth helping to minimise the pain, but also minimise the amount of drugs you may need.

In five sessions to suit you, you will learn to relax in the last few weeks, to recognise labour, how to relax into the feelings it brings, how to best share this with your partner and how to bond with your baby when its born.

1) Learning to relax into contractions to become as pain-free and comfortable as possible

2) Making friends with your fear

3) Finding your “special place” and learning to take yourself there.

4) Learning to relax into your contractions

5) A session for both you and your birthing partner (if your partner would like to come) ways that your partner can be involved, and help to make the experience joy and excitement instead of fear and pain.

We will cover the many birth options open to you and decide on a birthing plan.

Please feel free to call on 07967808250 or 01189416984 and have an informal chat to answer any questions you may have.