A phobia is an overwhelming and debilitating fear of an animal, object, situation, place or feeling. A phobic’s symptoms are much more pronounced than just being fearful. The phobic can experience an unrealistic sense of danger and fright. You can have exaggerated feelings about a situation or object.
If the phobia becomes very severe, you may start to arrange your life around the things that are causing you anxiety. As well as severely restricting your day to day life, it can also cause you considerable anguish.

Phobias can be associated with a particular event, incident, or trauma. A phobia may be a learned response copied from our parents. If your parents hate spiders, you are more likely to be scared of spiders too. Genetics may have a role to play. Some people are born with a tendency to be anxious or shy.
Certain phobias can be very severe and life changing. Complex phobias such as agrophobia can be very disabling indeed if left untreated. This phobia is commonly thought to be the fear of wide open spaces, but often the person may be avoiding situations such as not wanting to travel on public transport. Not wanting to face crowds of people. A general feeling of acute anxiety when outside, can be enough to make the person want to stay indoors.

So, what to do?
Many people will choose to live with a phobia and just put-up with the symptoms. You will take great care to avoid the object, animal or situation. However if you continue to try and avoid whatever you are afraid of, you can often make the situation worse.
Simple phobias can be treated through gradual exposure to the situation, animal, place or object. This is known as desensitisation therapy.
This is where Hypnotherapy can be an invaluable tool to help overcome simple phobias. Phobias such as flying, spiders, bees, heights, public speaking can be treated successfully, often after only one or two treatments. Clients often come back for a Top-up just before a long flight, or before an important speech or interview.
Treating complex phobias however, can take longer. This may involve counselling or life coaching as well as Hypnotherapy. Clients are always made to feel calm, comfortable and able to talk freely about their problems. Issues and anxieties can be frightening but are able to be addressed. Your life will improve beyond your expectations.

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