What is HypnoSports Coaching?

Good Question!

Do you spend hours training for your chosen sport? Of course!!
Do you spend any time AT ALL preparing yourself mentally for the challenges that face you? I THOUGHT NOT!!
It is now common practice for world-class athletes to train their minds as well as their bodies to be mentally strong!! Why not you too?

How much do you think your performance could be improved by training your subconscious mind? No one has to be trained to catch a ball, we do it instinctively. How much better would your performance be, if you could improve, and train, your instinct!

Instead we limit ourselves by,

1) Allowing our opponent to intimidate us!!
2) Indulging in Pre match/game anxiety!!

Either of these will give the opponent a huge advantage and change the results for sure!

3) Hanging your head if you make a mistake / miss a shot/ goal or pass.

The results of all your training or practice will come to nothing if you can’t mentally pick your self up and move on if you let one mistake put you off the whole game! You need to FOCUS on the one step at a time mentality to prevail.

4) Critical self talk, Negative inner voice, what ever you want to call it, it must be stopped.

You will improve all of your endeavours if you think positively. Your Mantra should be,’ Don’t believe all you think!!’ How true that is. Coaching can help you stop tripping your self up with negative self-belief.

5) Recurring limitations. If you start thinking, “I always do this at this point.” “ I always get tired here.” You are putting in place a self-fulfilling prophecy. There is a great saying, if you keep doing the same, you will keep getting the same! Coaching can change unhelpful habits.

6) Hypno- sports therapy can help you mentally deal with pain and fatigue, so that you are better able to deal with it, break through and get the results you want!

So…how much better would your performance be if you could beat anxiety, intimidation and nerves?? If you could Focus on the next few minutes of your game, and not let your mind wander? Had belief in your self, and could always hone your sporting achievements so that you always play your best game ever?
That’s why you need a Hypno-coach!

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