I booked to see Julia about my debt problems. I really didn’t if they would help, but Julia’s professional, calming and welcoming personality put me at ease straight away.  Held in a cosy and relaxing room it allows you to speak freely and privately and, more importantly, your time with Julia is never rushed.  She was conscious that I was spending money that I couldn’t afford, so made sure that I only received the right amount of sessions that she felt would benefit, but free to see her again if I needed to.  My thoughts and actions gradually changed and I found ways to resolve my debt problems.  I am now debt free and building up a healthy credit score.  I no longer have the desire to spend unless I really need it, and I’m saving.  I highly recommend you meet with Julia.  Undoubtedly, it was money very well spent



“I went to see Julia for some help with life mapping and positivity.

I had 2 sessions with her and was instantly aware of some changes having taken place. I found the sessions professional and relaxing.

Julia instantly made me feel welcome and calm. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to my friends (and have done already) but also look forward to more sessions with her.

I would like to thank Julia for helping me break through some self doubt and uncertainty.”



“I had 6 hypnotherapy sessions with Julia and was thoroughly impressed.  It was my first experience of hypnotherapy and not only did it help to resolve my initial problem, it also made me realise how much I needed to relax and I’ve since incorporated yoga and meditation into my weekly routine.

As a trained therapist myself, I am often critical when receiving services, but I can honestly say that Julia is amazing!  She is so friendly and welcoming, I immediately felt relaxed with her and although she is incredibly professional, she is also ‘real’ and great fun.  I trust her implicitly and 100% recommend her services.” 



My name is Helen, I had a course of hypnotherapy sessions before the birth of my daughter. I found the sessions really relaxing, I found myself able to relax far more at the birth than I would have anticipated. I am sure this lead to less pain and trauma than would otherwise have been the case. Will defiantly be coming back next time!



I had several hypnotherapy sessions with Julia prior to my daughters birth. I felt able to take myself to my special place. I am sure that my husband and I were able to relax during the birth more than we would have. Whilst I can’t say the birth was pain free……. I certainly think it was a nicer experience for having the treatment.



I had one session of hypnotherapy to help improve my golf. I did not think too much about it afterwords though I very much enjoyed it. Since then my golf has improved immensely . My concentration, my faith in myself to produce good shots etc. I have since won a major competition at my club. I will defiantly be having more sessions!



Julia has been truly instrumental in helping me to change my life for the better. She has done this in an energising and productive way. Her guidance and encouragement on my journey to a better way of living, have been absolutely invaluable. I always feel so positive after our sessions. I would recommend her unhesitatingly to anyone seeking support for these problems that seem unsurmountable. With Julia they are not.



‘ Thank you for seeing me last Thursday.. as you know I went to London on Saturday….. I was fearing the tube etc…! Well I went and I was absolutely fine on the tube and in other closed spaces…! So I an so grateful for your treatment. it has worked Yippee! Regards and best wishes. Liz’


Following a stroke in 2012, I was told I would not be playing golf for two years. I was back hitting the ball within six months. Whilst recovering, one of my targets was to reduce my handicap.

Within three months of using Julia, I had reduced my handicap by two strokes. I was comfortable, relaxed and back enjoying my game.

Hypnotherapy has assisted in my recovery improved my game.



Having used Hypnotherapy to get me through a cancer operation in 2008, I decided to use it to reduce my High blood pressure.

I found Julia’s Approach excellent. She made me learn to relax and calm myself which has helped to lower my blood pressure. I am confident that with Julia’s Help and a little practice, I will be able to bring my BP down to a manageable level. (Hopefully with- out Drugs) I can’t recommend Hypnotherapy enough.



I started hypnobirthing with Julia at 32 weeks up until my due date. The sessions were very serene and tailored to what I wanted to achieve in my birthing experience, which she took very seriously without judgment. Despite having many complications and a 4 day labour, I managed without much pain relief (my number one goal!) – breathing through my contractions and concentrating on what Julia had taught me. Her positive and calming sessions definitely helped me to focus my mind when to came to the real thing!