Weight Loss

So you want gain control of your weight? I offer a choice of ways to set you on the right track.
Gastric band hypnotherapy procedure (see my gastric band page) Or my Dynamic weight loss program may be for you.

Our weight, and by definition, what we look like, is an issue that can take over many of our lives. The continual struggle with your weight can sap all of your energy and enthusiasm for life.

Have you ever felt controlling your weight can therefore change your life. You gain in so many other ways. Not just the way you look, but the way you feel about how you look. The way you feel about how others see you. Your self-esteem and confidence will soar. You may feel in control for the very first time!!

The treatment covers

1) self-image issues
2) An eating plan that fits into your lifestyle
3) No hunger so your emotional eating is banished forever
4) You will break old habits and create new ones
5) Exercise is going to become a big part of your life (walking is a great start)
6) Tools and tricks to keep you on track. Includes a weekly phone coaching call if you would like. You will have a new found respect for your body and what it does for you. You will begin to treat it as your friend, not your enemy! You will develop a taste for healthy food, a healthy life style, and you will feel younger, fitter, sexier, and happier, than ever before.

Have you always felt deprived? Guilty? Self-conscious? Have you ever tried to kid yourself about your habits? (Eating from the fridge at night? Hiding food? Eating from packets or tubs??) Eating to entertain ourselves. Over eating, then feeling over full and hating yourself? Feeling out of control? Eating because you are bored, upset, and emotional, lonely, unloved, or for absolutely no reason at all? The food industry has become ingenious at adding fat and sugar to our diets. There were no mars bars in the middle ages! We eat because we can. Food is relatively cheap. Have you been taught to clear your plate? Food is just as wasted on your waist!! Do you hate clothes shopping? Have you given up on yourself??

Well you can change!!

Are you determined to fight your impulses and win? Do you want to achieve permanent weight loss? Do you need the confidence and self esteem to see this through to the end?

Hypnotherapy can help you tackle this once and for all. No diets, no fads, just sheer determination. You will feel relaxed but in control. Your attitude to food will change. You will break your old cycles and creat new ones. We will find your reasons for over eating, and change them one by one!

Ring me now for a free chat and take that all-important first step.

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